Rental of Concrete Pumps

Our company owns an established fleet of concrete pumps for hire. In addition, we also carry 'Mechanical Distributor RV-10 & Portable Placing Boom'. A portable hydraulic placing boom can be placed on any location that is rigid and flat to suit job requirements. It needn't be fixed while working and has excellent mobility.

Our equipment and vehicles are serviced on a regular basis to ensure that they are in good working condition to support customer needs. We also conduct on-the-job training for our vehicle and equipment operators to ensure that they are familiar with the latest equipment and vehicles.


Business Enquiries:

For business enquiries, you may contact us at:

Mr Kek Yong Hock
Tel: +65 9430 5005

Ms Serene Toh Sook Leng
Tel: +65 9844 5005


Equipment Fleet
36M Truck Mounted Concrete Pump
42M Truck Mounted Concrete Pump
46M Truck Mounted Concrete Pump
52M Truck Mounted Concrete Pump
54M Truck Mounted Concrete Pump
58M Truck Mounted Concrete Pump
62M Truck Mounted Concrete Pump
Portable Hydraulic Placing Boom
Stationary Concrete Pumps
Mechanical Distributor RV-10


  • Rental of Concrete Pumps
  • Rental of Concrete Pumps
  • Rental of Concrete Pumps
  • Rental of Concrete Pumps

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